“Beautiful Days” CRM Platform

Client: Garnier
Brief: Develop a CRM strategy that will bring all Garnier products under one roof; to strengthen loyalty to the brand Garnier, not just the individual products.
Insight: Consumers dedicate a lot of time to their beauty routines, and use them as a perfect excuse for some quality “me” time.
Even though Garnier has a wide range of products, they all:
 share the aim to nurture and preserve the beauty within us and form part of people’s daily beauty routine.
Idea: Position the brand and its products as the foundation to a beautiful day.
Execution: Garnier Beautiful Days is a source of inspiration for little lifts and lifestyle tips to revitalise our consumers’ day and to help create the perfect daily routine thanks to Garnier’s products.
The simple look and feel respects each product’s brand guidelines, whilst the tone of voice brings across the energy that characterises Garnier.