“Every Mouthful Matters” Brand Positioning and CRM Platform

Client: Heinz Baby Food
Brief: Create a new brand positioning and a powerful creative concept for the CRM program, that builds on the new visual identity and shifts perceptions of Heinz Baby from reliable to loved.
Insight: When mums need help or reassurance they rely on the experience of other mums.
Idea: By listening to mums, Heinz craft their food to be as close to homemade as they can make it. They think about every single carefully selected ingredient – its taste, texture and goodness. Heinz make their baby food this way because Every Mouthful Matters. This is what Heinz stand for. It’s  their promise to mums.
Translated into a creative concept for our CRM program: Every day, mums and babies create their very own story of constant progress and new discoveries that help them both learn and grow. Along the way, mums share these anecdotes to give guidance and support to each other. Heinz get their inspiration from mums’ experiences to ensure their communications are tailored for each chapter of baby’s continuing story. Life with a little one is A New Story Every Day.
Execution: The concept of A New Story Every Day worked side by side with the new visual identity. Real mum’s stories featured in every piece. An “Every Mouthful Matters” badge was created and was used to highlight Heinz’s commitment to taste, texture and goodness.