“Naturally Capable” DM Campaign

Client: Nissan Europe
Brief: Create a DM pack to support the ATL campaign launched to promote the whole Nissan 4×4 range.
Insight: With so many “urban tractors” on the market, our drivers are looking for authentic, tough 4X4s that are built to withstand nature’s challenges.
Idea: All Nissan 4x4s are “Naturally capable” to cope with rough terrain and driving conditions.
Execution: Half car, half creature, each 4×4 has its own natural “habitat” in which it excels. The chosen format allowed each vehicle to have equal importance in the pack. The outer window in the shape of binoculars gives the reader a glimpse of the harsh terrain these cars can tackle and serves as an invitation to open up and discover what’s inside.

Shortlisted for Corbis award for creative Photography (Golden Drum Advertising awards 2007)