“Naturally Different” Integrated Campaign

Client: Organic Trade Board
Brief: Create a campaign to drive debate and convince skeptics that it’s worth buying organic produce.
Insight: Consumers struggle to see the value in paying extra for organic produce because, on shelf, everything looks the same.
Idea: It might all look the same, but if your food could talk, well, you’d soon see the differences between organic and non-organic produce. This is because, organic is Naturally Different.
Execution: Skipping stereotypical preachy messaging, and instead approaching the subject with wit and humour, was key with this idea. The campaign opened the debate for everyone to decide for themselves which milk they’d rather have in their tea. It featured as 48 sheets on the London Underground. We also provided platforms to drive advocacy and interaction online on Twitter, Facebook, Mumsnet, Tesco.com and on a designated website. With 25,000 Facebook fans in 6 months, the debate is definitely going strong.

Winner of Best Advertising led campaign at 2013 MMA Best Awards