My first piece of advertising was a personalised birthday card for my mum at the age of 5. With a response rate of 100% and an equally high ROI, if you ask me, that was effective CRM in its purest form. Since then my work has reached millions of people, won awards, converted pitches and hit targets. I have expanded my expertise over all integrated advertising disciplines and other creative fields. But my style has never changed. I make it personal. I make it relevant. I make it look amazing.

I’m currently working on the biggest brief of my life, being a mum. But since that is going to take a while to complete, I’m available for freelance work as an Art Director on integrated advertising projects, as well as lifestyle and event photography in and around Munich.

Denise is a rare talent – truly creative, distinctive, insightful and committed in everything she does. This combination produces work that is both incredibly interesting, beautiful and effective. In my experience she manages to perform these feats in spite of short deadlines and challenging budgets whilst being utterly charming and delightful to work with.
Anthony Donaldson, Head of Planning at Haygarth Group

My CV is available to download.
I’m also only a phone call away on +49 (0)1788501488.


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